Congratulations on our 2021 FDCA Excellence Award Nominees

The final round of nominations have been released for the 2021 Excellence in Family Day Care awards tonight.
After a staggering 5,190 nominations placed – we are so grateful to have been nominated as a service again this year. When you work alongside a great bunch of staff and have an amazing group of educators who are passionate about what they do – it is easy to go to work everyday doing what you love.
A massive congratulations needs to go out to our 4 coordinators who have been nominated this year – Kerri Griffin, Inga-Marie Jensen, Lyndall Cotterill and Diana Pirie.
We also want to congratulate our amazing educators who have been nominated too – a whopping 23 in total – Amy Wiblen, Angela Wilson, Debbie Cannon-Clark, Debbie Redgrove, Diane Hayes, Hannah Smith, Jo Shanahan, Julie Dicks, Kayla Collett, Kaylene Milligan, Kellie Williams, Kim Grinter, Leonie Holland, Lisa Hunter, Louise Wilby, Margaret Whalen, Marilyn Smith, Michelle McGovern, Rochelle Britton, Simonn Martin, Teresa Cafe, Vickie Smith and Victoria Wilkie
We are very proud of all our educators, our service and our staff . We look forward to watching the announcement of winners at the FDC conference Gala Dinner in Hobart in October.